All You Need to Know About Suede Jackets

For someone who has been a true lover of jackets, they know how pretty amazing suede jackets simply are. Their softness and warmness are something that gives them an edge and make them the favorites of everyone. Despite having a long history behind leather jackets, we still know how super gorgeous these jackets look on a regular human being. We being human beings know how we all have been pretty used to animal skins that can keep a person warm however, the use of suede jackets has been a pretty recent development. Since Men’s suede leather jackets have been a recent fashion discovery not many people would see wearing them or endorsing them.

What Suede Jacket Actually Is?

We all would agree to the fact that the only jackets that we have known about are leather jackets for men. Suede and shearling coats are comparatively newer in our dictionary and that is why we do not know much about it and get confused when someone suggests suede jacket men’s. Nevertheless, we are here to solve this confusion for you. The suede fabric is basically a tanned animal’s inner surface which can be used with the suede, napped on the outside which looks a lot like the buckskin which the North Americans used to wear. However, this generally results in a much heavier look of the garment than the regular suede.

In case the whole leather is split and they remove the upper grain, it results in napped suede on both of the sides and is considered to be much lighter than the regular one. It is said that the fabric is generally made of the hide from all the thick hides which include cowhide, that produce a lot much rougher nap therefore the much-preferred hides include deer, calf, sheep, and pig.

Now coming to the most important question that people have been asking…

What is a Faux Suede Jacket?

Now that we know what suede is and its history about it, it is time we answer the most basic question that we know you all have in your minds. What is a Faux Suede Jacket and how and why should we get it?

Relax! We will answer all your questions

Faux Suede Jackets are generally made of polyester microfibers. If you are looking for a cheaper option, you need to go for the faux suede. Regular suede is mostly heavier on the pockets and not many people can afford it. These jackets also have better stain and water resistance capacity therefore people invest in them and them being slightly cheaper than others make it a perfect go-to choice for regular people. However, one should keep in mind that faux suede jackets can be pretty harmful to the environment and are a huge source of pollution, so you have an important decision to make here. These jackets are not bio-degradable as well so that does not make them a perfect choice for people living for an eco-friendly environment.

What is Better? Suede or Leather Jackets?

This is the question that we all have thought about at some point in our lives, particularly when we were about to get our first leather jacket. Or when we were given two choices one is a regular leather jacket and the other one is the suede leather jacket. Choosing one from them can be pretty confusing and this is why we are here to solve this confusion for you. If you are someone who is looking to get a light and soft jacket and want a luxury item in your wardrobe, then investing in a suede jacket can be a pretty good option for you. They are undoubtedly more durable than the regular fabric that you see around but if you compare it with the leather jacket, you would see how leather jackets can last you for a longer time than the suede jacket.

While we think a leather jacket is a perfect outwear to wear regularly, be it a party to go to or run for a grocery. We think you should wear a suede jacket on some particular occasions that you think call for something fancy or luxurious item. One of the reasons we think you should avoid suede jackets to wear on the daily basis is because they can be stained pretty easily and they are not much waterproof.

Are Suede Jackets Waterproof?

A regular human being tends to spill water quite a lot this is why it is important to wear something that is waterproof and has a long life. If your jacket stains easily and gets worse with the spill of water, you should not be spending a fortune on it. When we talk about Suede jackets, they are the best choice for you if you are going to a party. However, if you know it is going to rain at the party, we recommend you wear something else. The texture of the suede jacket is quite porous therefore it can never be waterproof.

Are They Durable?

If you want your suede jacket to last your lifetime, you must take care of them accordingly. The suede jackets cannot endure tough and rough treatment therefore you must make sure you are not destroying the jacket just like that. You should know the suede jacket is not an all-purpose utility garment, this is one luxury garment therefore should be treated accordingly. You are expecting a party to go to? Get men’s suede jacket the UK and be the star of the show!

Men’s Suede Leather Jacket Will Give the Look of Aristocracy

What exactly is suede? It is leather. Surprised? Well, it is but just a different type of suede leather that is
attained from fine Italian lambs and in some cases (though incomparable in quality) from calves and
does hides as well. It has been processed through napping which entails weaving, wash, fulling, raising,
and trimming that gives it the finer, finished look.

Suede has always been a popular material used by the aristocracy for gloves, shoes, and bags. However,
it has also been a choice for jackets and coats for the aristocratic elite for a long time. Considering
it is not water-resistant and requires finer care, men’s suede leather jacket is an addition to your
wardrobe that will definitely look like aristocracy.

Let’s explore more about the suede jackets that will make any man look like a gentleman.

Is a Suede Jacket waterproof?

The suede jacket you want may have been proofed to resist water to an extent but it is definitely not a
material that you can wear out in rain. You may or may not be soaked, but the garment will be ruined.
Suede has a luxurious texture and the material itself is quite porous, therefore it can never become

Therefore, it is best suited for finer weather or preferably indoors where it will not have any chance to
be wet.

How Durable is a Suede Jacket?

If treated properly, a suede jacket can last for a lifetime but if proper care is not given to this deluxe
material, it will not last long unlike a quality leather jacket. A suede jacket is not meant for everyday
wear. On the contrary, it is a sumptuous garment to be worn occasionally and with a lot of care.
Though durable material-wise, a suede jacket is susceptible to stains. However, it is still not as durable
as the leather itself and may tear quite easily. All the care that this extravagant piece of clothing requires
is worth the style it brings out in the wearer.

An Aristocratic Fashion

Suede jackets may not be for practical use, but they truly make up for that in sophisticated looks and
versatility. It’s a wardrobe essential that is worth investing in. It’s a timeless and classic piece. The only
requirement is to take extra care of this plush garment and you will be able to make a classic statement.
Men’s suede leather jacket is the kind of clothing item that has the power to elevate even the dullest
and prosaic of outfits with its rakish charm and elusive texture. It is a garment that speaks of aristocratic
fashion and handsome looks with its subtle and masculine appearance.

A Step Away from Tradition

Want to step away from the tradition of dark brown and tan when it comes to a suede jacket for men?
Then, don’t stop yourself from stepping away from tradition. You needn’t be too bold with colors but
that does not mean you can’t break away from the monotony of signature earthy tones that are
associated with suede.

You can make your mark with an unconventional hue like grey suede. A classic trucker jacket styled with
light-gauge knitwear, navy or black trousers, and a pair of lighter colour sneakers can help make a subtle
yet powerful impact.

Weekend Casual

When you are at a formal weekend event but at heart you only prefer casual, then suede is the material
for you. Its refined, yet textured finish withstanding a variety of masculine colors makes it a powerful
choice when you are in search of an elusive off-duty ensemble. For the more rakish style, it is rugged
enough to be paired with crisp denim – the ultimate casualwear stalwart.

Exuding the aristocratic weekend style, suede jackets are perfect for a stroll in the park to heavy politics
at a café. The fact that unlike other aristocratic styles, it is not stuffy and sloppy, you can pull off wearing
a leather jacket in a supermarket or hang out at the pub.

Suede jackets always remain a classic. The best feature of this splendid, luxurious garment is that it can
easily be paired up with Chelsea boots in brown leather and grey dress trousers for formal wear. Yet it
looks equally good and timeless with selvedge denim, a plain white tea, and minimal sneakers. You can
play it up or down and match it with a warm and cool tone alike and yet it will still give the look of the


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