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About Leather Jackets for Men

Leather jackets are some must-haves for men. Your wardrobe is incomplete if you do not have one staple piece of leather jacket for men in it. There are various types and kinds of leather jackets available out in the market, ranging from mediocre quality to high quality.

What really matters in the men’s leather jackets that you are buying is worth the price that you are paying. Not every time you are getting something worthwhile for what you are paying.

Men’s leather jackets are something that can go with everything. No matter what you are wearing, a leather jacket just adds an oomph factor and can make your whole look from zero to ten. There is something about it that you just cannot ignore and that makes it one important part of your wardrobe.

Following are a few FAQs that people generally have when they are ordering leather jackets, let us make it easy for you.

Of course, they are a one-time investment if you take care of them in the right way. The better you upkeep them the longer they are going to last you. It is the must have piece for every one be it a man or woman. Therefore, we recommend you get it as soon as possible. And what is the better place to get your leather jackets from then the Real Leather Garments?

When you shop from Real Leather Garments, there is one thing you should be sure of and that is its genuine and of high quality. We all can pretty agree to the fact that all the high-quality jackets and other uppers are quite on the heavy side of the pocket. However, when you shop from Real Leather Garments, things are pretty easy and light on the pocket that does not mean they compromise on the quality. All the jackets there are genuine and of super high quality.

Taking your own measurement can be pretty tricky and only the experts can do that without making any mistake. However, when it comes to the regular people like you and I, here is a fix for you. It is one of the most important yet fiddly.


Stand straight and keep your arms relaxed throughout. Wrap the tape around your chest’s upper part and take the necessary measurements.

Shoulder width

Shoulders should be rightly fit. If you think your current jacket fits you perfectly then it’s the best. Otherwise take the measurement from the right shoulder seam to the left shoulder seam.

Jacket length

Have your measuring tape on your shoulder’s top and bring it down to the top of your thigh, this is where your belt bottom would be and now you can take the measurement.

Sleeve length

Bend your arm a little and put your hand right on the hip, you can now measure from your neck back down to the wrist.

As easy as shopping sounds, getting a perfect leather jacket for men is no walk in the park. There is a heap of things that you need to look at while ordering one jacket for yourself or for any guy in your family. First of all, that you just cannot ignore is the leather quality that you are investing in. If you are tight on budget then we can recommend you compromise over the leather quality.

However, if budget is not the issue, we recommend you get a high-quality leather that would last you at least 10 years. Cow, sheep, lamb, goatskin are a few of the affordable forms of leather quality. On the other hand, if you want to go exotic there is nothing better than the crocodile, pig and kangaroo skin.

Another thing that you must focus on is the size, you must not go for the tight fitted jackets as leather jackets are expensive and they should last you for longer times. Apart from these things, leather finishing and leather grading are the other things that you should focus on.

Sizes are one important aspect of the leather jacket, if you are getting oversized or undersized jackets, you are wasting all your money on it. You need something that can fit you perfectly. For example, if you want your shoulders to look broad you should buy the biker jackets as they make them look broad and better. A few of the measurements that you must take includes chest, shoulder width, sleeve length or the overall jacket length.

When you have decided on the overall fit of your jacket, you can browse through the different jacket options that you have available and then choose the one you like the most.

When we talk about leather jackets for men there are a plethora of options that you can choose from. Bomber jacket, Duster, Trench coat, flying coat, and Racer Jacket are a few of the many styles that men can adorn and be comfortable in them. There is one more kind of jacket known as flight jackets and they are called the daddy of all the jackets. These jackets are like the investment piece for every airman and other navy personnel.

Similarly, if you wish to give off some rockstar and bold look, then you must invest in the faux leather jackets. On the other hand, when it’s about sportswear, the biker jackets are something that is worth buying and investing in.

The Real Leather Garments is the perfect place to get your jackets on sale. You will not have any quality issue here and the offered rates will be quite minimal too. So, they are the perfect package.