When the weekend is near or your friend’s birthday party is around the corner, and you cannot make up your mind what to wear. Do you know what will give you compliments on the day? A black leather jacket. It is not just classy but it goes with everything you have in that wardrobe. You all must have a plain white t-shirt and a pair of light blue jeans, just put it all together with a Black Leather Jacket, and there you have an eye-catching outfit for the day.

Not just an attention grabber but it is way too comfortable for any kind of event. Many style icons like Justin Bieber and Ryan Reynolds are caught wearing the same decent but classy-looking outfit in premiers and concerts. The Black Leather Garments is the perfect place to get your black leather jacket from. However, the website has some cookies and content protection policies that we would like to update our customers about.

Following are the few policies that we strongly believe in.


Real Leather Garments ensures the customer’s personal data is protected and secured. We appreciate it when customers leave their comments on our posts and give us their valuable feedback. The more they talk to us, the better connection we develop with our customers. Therefore, we always recommend our customers to stay connected with us and get us the best that we want.

When you comment on our site, there is an anonymized string that is created and attached to your email address it is also called a hash, that is given to a Gravatar service to check if you still use it. You can have an access to the Gravatar service privacy policy at https://automattic.com/privacy/. When your comment is approved your profile picture will also be public with the context of your comment.


Text reviews are something, but when customer posts image or media reviews they are always better. However, there is a catch, we recommend our customers do not upload the images that are embedded with the location data (EXIF GPS) added. Any visitor to the website will have the opportunity to download the location and extract the data only from the website images. It becomes dangerous for our customers and our customers’ privacy is our top priority.


When a customer comments on our website, their names, email addresses, and website are automatically saved in the cookies. The main purpose of this automatic saving is to provide ease to the customer so they do not have to put in the details every time they log into the account. The whole duration of these cookies is one year.

Similarly, when the customer visits our login page, the page has built-in a temporary cookie that analyzes if the browser accepts cookies or not. The best thing about the browser cookies is it does not contain any personal data and is removed the moment the browser is closed.

At the time of logging in, we further set up different cookies in order to save all your information along with the screen display choices. The cookies of login last for two days only however the other cookie options last for one whole year. In case you go for “Remember Me” your login will stay for two more weeks. Once you log out, all your cookies will be immediately deleted.

Content Taken from Other Websites

The customers may come across different embedded content, which includes articles, images, and videos. When the content is taken from another website, it starts behaving exactly the same way as if the customer has visited another website.

Such websites collect customers’ data, use cookies, add tracking of the third party and track the overall interaction of the customer with the embedded content. It further includes the interaction of the customer with the said content if you have logged into the website.

Your Data Shareability

We value our customer’s data and make sure it is not shared with anyone extra. In case the customer requests a password reset; their IP address is added to the reset email.

Your Data Retainability

The moment you comment on our website, we save the metadata for the infinite time period. The purpose of doing it is to identify and approve the comments instead of keeping them off in the limited line. The registered user’s information is saved and stored. The users are given the access to see, edit or delete their personal information whenever they want.

What Can You Do with Your Data

We allow our customers to receive the data and all the personal information that we have about them, they can request it and we can send them. Further, the customers can also request us to delete any information they do not want online. It does not involve any kind of data that we are responsible to keep for security and legal purposes.

Who Do We Send It

Through the help of a spam detection service visitors’ comments can be checked.