The Real Leather Garments is the perfect place to shop when you are looking for a leather jacket. Be it a leather jacket for women, men, or even kids, they have something for everyone and that is why The Real Leather Garments is the one-stop shop for all your Leather needs. When you think of getting your leather jacket, there is no other place that you must buy from other than Real Leather Garments. However, when it comes to shopping for your leather jackets or anything online there are a few privacy policies that the organizations make sure the customers are aware of.

At Real Leather Garments, we are dedicated to protecting its customer details. We make sure all customer information is secured and safe from all kinds of scams and thefts. We ensure the online shopping experience of our customers is extremely safe and they enjoy shopping with us. Real Leather Garments do not share or sell any of its customer’s details to external parties. However, we do share our customer’s addresses with our delivery boys while they are out for the delivery.

When the customer reaches out to us on our website their browser automatically go into the safety mode particularly, as soon as they make the payment. The moment their payment details are entered in the system, a few of their personal information is shared. However, with the Real Leather Garments, we give our customers to shop in a secure and safe environment. The customers can check the locked padlock or just a key icon at the grey bar located on your screen bottom.

Credit Card Information

Since, Real Leather Garments have multiple sources of payment, which includes credit card payment as well. However, when we put in our credit or debit card information. All the card information that is saved in our portal is included in the Real Leather Garments online portal. We have it all saved on our website which secures the servers and does not release it to any other party without any kind of authorization. All the pages on our website that needs another kind of request payment information are also saved and protected with the use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL), it encrypts all the transmitted data.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Protection

One thing that we intend to make sure is that the area where you can make purchases is quite secure. ensures they use all the authorized security systems to keep their customer’s data safe and secure. The use of Secure Sockets Layer allows the encryption of sensitive details which includes all your credit card detail, name, address, and many other areas of it. When you pass the information from your device to our website, it is not read in the event that someone else can intercept it.

Information Collection

All the information that we collect about your or your payment methods is truly saved and secured. Whenever you place your order on our website, we our customers share their complete information, take part in our regular surveys and give their valuable feedback on our website and regarding our services/ products.

Terms and Conditions

We are extremely thankful for our customers for shopping from us and constantly supporting us through their feedbacks and shopping sprees. The loyalty that they have shown to us is commendable and we are excited to share this beautiful bond with our customers and would love to keep it like this with them.

However, please go through the terms and Conditions as they help us keep your data saved whenever you log in to

When you log in to our website you automatically agree to our Terms and Conditions, we strongly advise you to keep a tab on our T&Cs to ensure you are all aware of everything that is happening at Real Leather Garments. We make sure we give you the best shopping experience, something that you have never experienced anywhere else.

Your Orders

Your every single order matters to us the most, everything that you see online we make sure we provide you with the best. Everything that you see on our official website is available in our warehouse in the UK. In case your desired item is not available on our website, we contact our customers immediately and make sure you get your delivery.

You can pay for your orders by Credit Card, Debit Card, and Paypal.