7 Ways To Style Your Leather Jackets!

Are you still confused about how to style your leather jacket? Being a woman, you find styling them hard? Its time you take a shift and be the game changer in the society. If you do not know how to don them and how to be creative with styling, you need to take a break and read the article. It would allow you to broaden your horizon and help you style your jackets in the most fashionable way that would make you the head turner of the party.

When we talk about men, we have seen them styling their leather jackets in many different ways. However, when women come in the scene things get difficult for them as they are assumed to not wear such dresses to the parties and the offices. When we talk about women going to the parties, we imagine them in a pretty long dress or some fancy gowns. Hardly there would be any person who would visualize women in shearling leather jackets and coats. However, now times are changing and women all over the world are breaking stereotypes of all kinds.

Let’s help you style your leather jacket in the most creative ways!

1) Biker jackets and black jeans

Again, we will talk about the misconception that people generally have how men only wear biker jackets. Times have changed and women are equally donning such jackets. Some styles never go out of fashion, the combination of black biker jackets and black jeans is the perfect go to dress for the late-night parties or a girl’s day out. Its possible for you to fully depend on the look by dressing in the top to down black dress and up your overall look with the dashing white button-down shirt.

2) Jeans shorts and leather jackets

In case of the cold winters going out without jacket is impossible and going all layered means you will be exhausted and all sweaty by the end of the day. Therefore, you need to come with the dress combination that is perfect for such weather. How can we find that combo that is not really hot and cold? We need something that perfectly works in such situation, and nothing can be better than leather jackets with the jean’s shorts.

3) Burgundy jacket with grey jeans

Pair up your burgundy jacket with some grey jeans. This combination is perfect for the casual girls lunch or a family dinner in some chic and posh restaurant. Blacks and browns can be pretty boring, its time you spice things up a little bit and add the pinch of pinks and burgundy in your wardrobe. These colors are perfect to go with and can up your fashion game in a minute.

4) Cropped jeans and dark brown upper

If you are looking to add a pop in the boring weather go with the dark brown jacket with the cropped jeans. It might give you a rough look for the day but its daring as women generally do not really go for such outfits. However, its time you come out of such stereotypes and break these shackles. Mix up your style and add some pairs of cropped jeans and rigged t-shirts in your wardrobe as there is nothing better than having a style that is both casual and chic. This perfect combo of dress would give you a softer yet lived in feels.

5) White jacket with black bottoms

There is no combination as classic and timeless as black and white. It brings out an unexpected, decent yet glamourous look to your overall attire. It is the old timeless combination that has been in the fashion for years and still the top most used combination all over the world. Be it the traditional and eastern wear or some western wear, no other combination can beat the craze of this black and white combo.

6) Wide Leg Jeans and Faux Leather

If you are someone who is not really a fan of skin fitting dressings and prefer comfort over fashion we would recommend you to try this new combination of dress which is faux fur leather with the wide leg jeans. Trust me it’s the comfiest yet easiest dress to wear. When the weather is all chilly and you have to get a take out for the dinner such casual dress up is perfect for this task. All you got to do is bundle up with this kind of jacket along with the wide leg jeans and you are all set for your cozy dinner. This kind of dress adds an extra pop of flair and gives a retro 80s vibe to the overall dress.

7) White Denims and Blue Overalls

The combination of blue and white is another perfect combination that you must look at, and prefer wearing. A navy-blue jacket with white denims should be your perfect go-to outfit for all your fancy parties. If you are someone who is not much of a fan of the fancy gowns and dresses and finds more comfort in these dresses then this combination is more than perfect for such parties.
There is a plethora of options when we talk about styling women dresses. There are no limitations to that, you only need to be a little creative have the right products and you are all set to fire the stage!

4 Things To Consider Before Buying Leather Jacket

Investing in leather jackets is like investing in one staple piece that will stay with you all your life. Not to sound any negative but it can literally outwear you too. Only if you are buying an authentic and genuine leather. People often hesitate before investing in expensive leather jacket as they consider it a waste of money. It is commonly believed that it is better to have a few cheap jackets and outerwear than one expensive leather jacket. However, times are changing now, people today have more options of investing in jackets. Even someone wants to stay in budget they can always get a light on the pocket leather jackets for men from the real leather garments.

Buying a leather jacket is no walk in the park literally. You have to look for the genuine leather if you want to spend in the forever and long-lasting piece of clothing. Apart from this, with the plethora of options available all over the internet. Buying a real jacket can be extremely challenging and confusing. With this post, we aim to make your shopping experience a bit easier. We will discuss the main factors that you need to look for while buying a jacket. So you do not end up with a lousy and poor quality jacket.

1) Leather Quality

When we talk about quality leather we talk about the top notch quality that should be used. There are many cheap options available, if you are looking for the jackets to be worn hardly for a year or two, buying a cheap quality jacket is a good option and can save you lots of your dollar bills too. However, if you want to buy something expensive that you can wear all your life. Trust me when I say this, a good quality and genuine leather can last you a life time.

Judging the quality of the leather is one crucial step and we understand not many people have much knowledge about it n this subject. Its better to have some know how about the leather quality before you buy your dream jacket.

2) Panels

The general rule says, the less panels the jackets are more expensive, that is true and it is mainly because of the fewer joints that usually end up due to the less panels and it eventually leads to costing more. However, there are various exceptions such as having various panels and making joints is expensive mainly because of the embroidery, detailing and embellishments that are used on the joints and panels.

These are a few of many factors that hugely impacts the production cost which obviously results in increasing and decreasing the price of the jacket. In order to minimize the rates, the brands often make jackets by utilizing the different leftovers, remaining leather and the wastage from other types of skins.

In case you are looking for some genuine good quality leather and are fine with spending money then know that single panels are generally heavier on the pocket. We would suggest you get ready to spend some extra and get that staple leather jacket piece that you liked in the store.

3) Inner Lining

Judging the quality of the leather is not easy, we know that and not everybody has the command over it. However, it is better to know a few things beforehand while going for jacket shopping. As they can help you in making the right buying decision. When we talk about inner linings, most people may not know what that actually is. Let us make it easy for you, the inner lining is basically an extra layer of the fabric that includes more weight to the jacket. It helps in tugging down the jacket on your shoulders and makes a smooth fall, which gives it an additional plus to the whole look.

Most people do not really realize that they are giving the option of choosing the fabric for the inner lining. It is up to you whether you want to make it quilted or plain or you can remove the inner lining altogether particularly. While you are investing in the custom-made jackets from the top places.

The kind of fabric that you are using in the inner lining and the quality that offers and bears on the jacket price. The Real Leather Garment is considered to be one of the best choices for the inner lining. They have fabrics of various kinds; you can check the Real Leather Garments website and there are a plethora of options for you to shop from.

The best thing about the inner lining is that jackets like these are breathable and light. But heavy on pocket since it requires more interior finishing needed and added challenges in manufacturing them.

4) Craftsmanship of jacket

Craftmanship is the main thing when you go out in the market to shop the jacket. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to get a simple jacket. But you should be aware of the craftsmanship of it too. It has to be of the best and highest quality. A best quality jacket is made with the effective polyester thread that does not have any loose ends.

Happy Shopping!

Men’s Suede Leather Jacket Will Give the Look of Aristocracy

What exactly is suede? It is leather. Surprised? Well, it is but just a different type of suede leather that is
attained from fine Italian lambs and in some cases (though incomparable in quality) from calves and
does hides as well. It has been processed through napping which entails weaving, wash, fulling, raising,
and trimming that gives it the finer, finished look.

Suede has always been a popular material used by the aristocracy for gloves, shoes, and bags. However,
it has also been a choice for jackets and coats for the aristocratic elite for a long time. Considering
it is not water-resistant and requires finer care, men’s suede leather jacket is an addition to your
wardrobe that will definitely look like aristocracy.

Let’s explore more about the suede jackets that will make any man look like a gentleman.

Is a Suede Jacket waterproof?

The suede jacket you want may have been proofed to resist water to an extent but it is definitely not a
material that you can wear out in rain. You may or may not be soaked, but the garment will be ruined.
Suede has a luxurious texture and the material itself is quite porous, therefore it can never become

Therefore, it is best suited for finer weather or preferably indoors where it will not have any chance to
be wet.

How Durable is a Suede Jacket?

If treated properly, a suede jacket can last for a lifetime but if proper care is not given to this deluxe
material, it will not last long unlike a quality leather jacket. A suede jacket is not meant for everyday
wear. On the contrary, it is a sumptuous garment to be worn occasionally and with a lot of care.
Though durable material-wise, a suede jacket is susceptible to stains. However, it is still not as durable
as the leather itself and may tear quite easily. All the care that this extravagant piece of clothing requires
is worth the style it brings out in the wearer.

An Aristocratic Fashion

Suede jackets may not be for practical use, but they truly make up for that in sophisticated looks and
versatility. It’s a wardrobe essential that is worth investing in. It’s a timeless and classic piece. The only
requirement is to take extra care of this plush garment and you will be able to make a classic statement.
Men’s suede leather jacket is the kind of clothing item that has the power to elevate even the dullest
and prosaic of outfits with its rakish charm and elusive texture. It is a garment that speaks of aristocratic
fashion and handsome looks with its subtle and masculine appearance.

A Step Away from Tradition

Want to step away from the tradition of dark brown and tan when it comes to a suede jacket for men?
Then, don’t stop yourself from stepping away from tradition. You needn’t be too bold with colors but
that does not mean you can’t break away from the monotony of signature earthy tones that are
associated with suede.

You can make your mark with an unconventional hue like grey suede. A classic trucker jacket styled with
light-gauge knitwear, navy or black trousers, and a pair of lighter colour sneakers can help make a subtle
yet powerful impact.

Weekend Casual

When you are at a formal weekend event but at heart you only prefer casual, then suede is the material
for you. Its refined, yet textured finish withstanding a variety of masculine colors makes it a powerful
choice when you are in search of an elusive off-duty ensemble. For the more rakish style, it is rugged
enough to be paired with crisp denim – the ultimate casualwear stalwart.

Exuding the aristocratic weekend style, suede jackets are perfect for a stroll in the park to heavy politics
at a café. The fact that unlike other aristocratic styles, it is not stuffy and sloppy, you can pull off wearing
a leather jacket in a supermarket or hang out at the pub.

Suede jackets always remain a classic. The best feature of this splendid, luxurious garment is that it can
easily be paired up with Chelsea boots in brown leather and grey dress trousers for formal wear. Yet it
looks equally good and timeless with selvedge denim, a plain white tea, and minimal sneakers. You can
play it up or down and match it with a warm and cool tone alike and yet it will still give the look of the


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