Warsaw: Men’s Genuine Leather Jacket

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MEN Jacket Size

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Note: There may be 1-2 cm difference in measurements depending on the Leather Master sewing.

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It is made of 100% genuine leather. Soft, First Class Genuine Leather. Quality Polyester-Satin Primer is Used in The inside Part. The Liner Used Keeps it Warm And Does Not Sweat Leather Jacket Care Tips: Your leather jacket or coat cannot be washed in the washing machine. A leather jacket should not be used in very rainy weather. If your leather jacket is wet, it should be dried in a normal room environment. Aklok and its derivatives, wet wipes are not used in leather coat cleaning process. Cleaning can be done with a slightly damp cloth. Applying oily such as almond oil or petroleum jelly can be used depending on the type of skin. When used on light colored leather, it may darken the leather. It can be used on dark colored leather. Leather coat dyeing process can be dyed by experts with appropriate leather dyes. Leather Since it is a living material, it should not be left in humid and damp places. Mold and bacteria may occur on the skin When not in use, you can store your Leather Jackets on shoulder-supported straps.

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