Hollywood stars are our go-to people when it comes to taking inspiration for the weekend party for a friend’s birthday especially when you cannot make up your mind what to wear. Do you know what will give you compliments on the day? A black leather jacket.

Being a fashion enthusiast I have come across different outfits for different events but nothing really matches the class and exclusiveness that a black leather jacket for men brings. 

Celebrity leather jackets are hands down one of the best types of clothes to wear both for men and women. They are not just classy but go with everything you have in that wardrobe. You all must have a plain white t-shirt and a pair of light blue jeans, just put it all together with some leather jackets from movies, and there you have an eye-catching outfit for the day.

In case you are looking for some killer leather jackets that your famous Hollywood movie stars have worn, this is the right place to get some information about them.

1. Rihanna

Rihanna is our forever love, and nothing she wears does not go out of trend for a really long time. When it comes to donning a leather jacket, Rihanna sure has the right kind of attitude for it. She truly is a true lover of leather jackets. You would often see her making the audience turn their heads whenever she walks in those beautiful black jackets. You would see her wearing all kinds of leather jackets ranging from classic to loud and edgy to muted.

Without any doubt, she is quite a whiz as well at accessorizing her whole look along with using the right color palettes. Whatever she does, she pulls off just the right look. Recently she was seen wearing a black leather outfit including a cool leather hat and boots. The whole complete leather look was the perfect look and admired by everyone around. 

2. Bella Hadid

The young and super independent and vocal Palestinian model Bella Hadid is everyone’s favorite for all the right reasons. Another reason to fall in love with her is her exquisite and classy fashion style. She knows what to wear and how to be the center of attention wherever she goes. She is not only bold and confident when it comes to being vocal about her rights, but her fashion-forward choices in attire are also quite bold and beautiful too.

You would often see her donning a classy leather jacket paired with some smarty leather pants. If not the whole leather looks, she would also be seen wearing a cropped leather jacket or just a leather blazer over some denim and turtlenecks. We follow Bella Hadid style religiously and are totally in love with everything she wears.

3. Nick Jonas

Truly a heartthrob, Nick Jonas is one man that women of all ages are in love with. And it is not just his boyish looks but his overall style that is also one of the main reasons why he is so famous among women. You would often see him sporting a leather jacket in his own big and bold style. Him being a pop hunk that he is, he loves showing off his muscular physique in tight-fitted clothes. Earlier he was seen wearing a color-blocked navy leather jacket with an attractive and shining t-shirt making him look a lot more attractive than he already is. 

Apart from the regular leather jacket, he also wears biker jackets, and trust us, no one looks as good in biker jackets as he does in his brown leather pants. If we talk about his go-to looks then it is a fitted tee with some cool colored leather jacket. 

4. Ryan Gosling

He is that one man who is not only the favorite of women but men are also a huge fan of his dress and how he carries himself. When we talk about his style statement, nothing can beat how he dashingly looks in all his leather jacket looks. If there is any actor who has made a habit of wearing leather jackets everywhere they can then it is none other than Ryan Gosling. His characters in movies are those soft guys who have a pint of danger involved. His person fits right into the effective and attractive leather jackets. You cannot think of Ryan Gosling without thinking of his black leather jacket. Not just in reel life but in real life too you would often see him wearing his bold and black leather jacket.

5. Justin Theroux

The man is known for his killer fashion takes during his movie shootings or even on the screen and it would look just the best. When it is about leather jackets you would understand how it works as a lucky charm for him. He has admitted multiple times how he is addicted to wearing this jacket for the past 13 years. A simple tee with a leather jacket is considered to be his signature style that you would see him sporting just everywhere. The fact that he is a biker fan makes his craze for leather jackets more relevant.

Wrapping up!

It is not just an attention grabber but a way too comfortable attire for any kind of event. Many style icons like Justin Bieber and Ryan Reynolds are caught wearing the same decent but classy-looking outfit in premiers and concerts. Chris Brown, the American singer, is usually caught wearing a famous leather jacket for men in his most significant concert events. Not just celebrities but Business Tycoons, like, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos own leather

jackets and usually wear them at meetings and in interviews. 

A leather jacket is an apparel item that anyone can own and have a great OOTD (Outfit of The Day). Not concentrating on the black color, but you can always go with a Brown leather jacket. If you have a pair of chino bottoms and brown shoes, you can put it all together and have a dapper interview outlook for the day. It is possible that a black leather jacket can become your daily wear partner if you have chosen a perfect one.

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