In the world of fashion, a leather jacket is the most iconic and versatile piece of outerwear that never goes out of trend. Leather jackets are the most popular type of leather product all over the world. They are popular among men and women of all ages. This wardrobe attire is versatile, as it can be worn in any season or on any kind of occasion.

Especially in winter, leather jackets play an important role in terms of styling and in keeping yourself protected against winds. Such as Men’s leather jackets are considered as the top-notch factor that effortlessly elevates one’s style. Whether you are going on an adventurous motorcycle ride, or attending a social event, a chosen leather jacket is an investment that not only offers protection but also glams up your entire look.

There is another important key feature of a leather jacket, is its durability.  However, the responsibility to look after your leather jacket is solely in your hands. Leather jackets, if cared for properly, can age beautifully. Proper care is important to protect the physical structure of this quality material. It is essential to remember that everything from storing to the cleaning and ironing of your leather jacket goes a long way in determining how long and how well your jacket will last.

Primary Reason for Wrinkles on Leather Jackets


It is odd, how often we find folded leather jackets in stores or showrooms, when in a bulk quantity. This is not a good practice because folding jackets can make them wrinkle and destroy their structure.


Leather jackets are awesome that you might want to wear them every time but using them too much can make them wrinkled. So after a fun weekend party, remember to take off your jacket and put it in its right place.

Wrong Fit

If your clothes don’t fit well they can be uncomfortable and even harm the material. The same goes for leather jackets. If it does not fit right, it might get damaged. Make sure that your leather jacket fits perfectly to look great and stay undamaged.

Low-Quality Leather

The main reason your leather jacket might get wrinkled is because of the quality of the material. Fake leather products are always around and they can often be confusing whether you shop for a men’s or a women’s leather jacket. Even real leather comes in different types and each type has different qualities. Some are heavy and others can stretch more. Full-grain leather is the best type and if your jacket is made of it, you won’t have to worry much about wrinkles. So when choosing leather, make sure to pick wisely.

Hacks to Unwrinkle Your Leather Jacket

Hang it Up

Instead of throwing your jacket on the bed or floor, take a moment to hang it in the right place i.e. your closet. A high-quality wooden hanger with shaped shoulders will help maintain the jacket’s shape and prevent wrinkles. Just make sure to use a good-quality jacket hanger.


Using an iron can help to unwrinkle jacket creases but leather is tough. It can get damaged if you use too much heat. So, set your iron to the lowest temperature get a pillowcase or a soft cotton cloth put it over the wrinkled part then iron over it gently. Make sure to test the iron on the pillowcase first to be sure it is not too hot. You will get rid of wrinkles without harming your leather jacket.


Leather jacket might not be as flexible as stretchy materials but it is strong and high-quality. If you give it a good steam once a week, it will help your jacket stay in good shape and wrinkle-free. Just hang your jacket in a bathroom while you take a steamy shower and watch how steam naturally softens your jacket, and smoothing out any wrinkles it might have.

Spray Alcohol

Fixing leather wrinkles with alcohol is a simple process. Mix equal parts of alcohol and water to make a solution that will help strengthen your jacket after steaming. This also keeps leather shiny. A good quality leather jacket won’t lose its color or shine with this mix. But it is a good idea to test it on a small area first to make sure it doesn’t fade or dull the color and shine of your jacket.

Heavy Duty Fix

To get rid of wrinkles in your leather jacket, just put the heavy flat object on the wrinkled area after smoothing it out. It could be something like a stack of books or a closed iron. It is a simple but safe method that works well. Leave the object on the wrinkled part overnight for the best results.

Pulling Method

When we talk about pulling, it is not just about physically stretching your jacket. There are gentle ways to stretch it and get rid of wrinkles. Such as Hanging your jacket on a hanger and letting it stay there for a while can work well. Let gravity do the work. If you want faster results, you can gently pull the leather crease to straighten out the wrinkled part. Just be careful not to damage the jacket, or stretch the fabric too much.


Using oil to remove wrinkles from your leather jackets might sound unusual but it can work. Choose a non-sticky or non-greasy oil, and put a few drops on the wrinkled area. Gently stroke the leather to smooth out the crease. Once it looks better, put a heavy object on it for a while. Repeat this a few times for the best results. It is best to use this method on small wrinkles and before you do it on the whole jacket. Test the oil on a tiny hidden part to make sure it won’t stain the leather.


When the jacket is brand new it can move easily and does not get wrinkled quickly. But as time goes on the leather becomes less flexible and more likely to wrinkle. If you have wrinkles on your leather jackets, don’t worry. Follow these tips to keep your leather jacket looking good for a long time.

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