Field leather jackets are something that we all love however we do not know much about it, that is another fact. One of the reasons why women’s real leather jackets are loved and worn so much is because of the versatility that they provide. The number of styles it provides, you can style with a leather jacket, makes it one staple piece of the dress, and women like wearing and pairing them with everything they get their eyes on. When we talk about leather jackets for women, we do not really talk about field leather jackets, it is one of the most unknown and ignored forms of jackets despite serving different purposes altogether.

While you are searching for some crazy leather jackets and different styles that they are made of, you would definitely come across the field jacket. They have been around for years and decades, would not be wrong to say that they have been here for at least half a century. These kinds of jackets have been worn by various members of the military services. However, they have now made their way to the civilian’s hands as well. And the best thing about them is you can pair them up with everything you want to. Have a regular party dress to wear? Put on a field leather jacket and you would be good to go for a party.

If you are still confused about what the field jacket is, here is what we have to tell you.

Field Leather Jacket

It is the kind of leather jacket that most of the military people used to wear and was introduced to the world in the 1960s. During the Vietnam war, the military of the USA used to give it off to their service members in order to keep them protected in the extreme cold weather. It refers to the M-1965 field jacket or you can simply call it the “M65 Jacket” or you can further say that it was an upgrade to the M1951. In the duration of WWII, all the military service providers used to wear M1951 as this was the updated and better form of the field jackets. When we talk about the M65 jacket it shows that it was a successor to the M1951. The jacket features different improvements over another predecessor which includes a deeper pocket along with a higher quality of the construction.

The main field jacket was made of the insulated canvas material and today you can find it in the leather jacket as well. All the field leather is further characterized by the construction of leather. It would not be wrong to say that they use premium quality leather to make these jackets and they are still featured in the same old style as M65 jackets.

Why You Should Be Wearing a Field Leather Jacket

1) Real OGs

We all can agree on the fact that the field jackets are fashionable, for men and women both. Like all the leather jackets, they also give off that timeless and classic vibes that we all adore in the new modern times. There is no denying to the fact that as time passes, we crawl back to the old times fashion and love to adorn their dresses and styles today. All these dresses keep making their comeback and this is one of the reasons why we are still obsessed with the field leather jacket. However, you would not see many women wearing these jackets but the ones who do are the real OGs.

2) Versatile

Field jackets cannot be worn with EVERY outfit but do not lose your heart here, you can wear them with ALMOST every outfit. With the help of classic appearance, they do not really clash with the other kinds of garments. Whether you are donning a simple t-shirt and shorts or a tux, a filed leather jacket over it would just make it super amazing. You can further accessorize the whole look with different accessories like jewelry.

3) Plenty of Pockets

Pockets pockets pockets, we love pockets in our clothes and we know you do that too. When it comes to the field leather jackets, you would be blessed with lots of pockets in them. They do not just have some regular pockets but deeper pockets, which most of the other kinds of jackets do not really have. The front of the jacket has at least four pockets. The top of the field jacket has two pockets and the other two are on the bottom. When you have four pockets on your jacket you will have ample space to carry little items in your jacket.

4) Protection Against Cold

The main purpose of the jacket is and will always be to protect yourself from the cold, there is no better jacket to wear in such weather than a field leather jacket. The original purpose of the US military to design this jacket was to ensure their military officers are safeguarded or protected from the cold weather. All the field leather jackets have some kind of thermal protection in them if you live somewhere cold, you HAVE to get a field leather jacket. It would not only protect you from the cold but will also give you a stylish and fashionable look.

Wrapping Up

Field leather jackets are not something that is in a fashion much, but those who have elite taste often invest in this jacket, and let us tell you it is WORTH all the money.

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