A men’s suede jacket is a classic and timeless garment that can complete any ensemble with style. They are light and smooth while having a luxury feel to them which makes them fashionable. You can make a myriad of looks with this wardrobe basic. Whether you have decided to buy a suede bomber jacket or a simple suede jacket. Here is a simple guide that will assist you to choose the best Suede jackets for men and look trendy all the time.

The Appeal of Suede

Suede in particular offers a silky touch and has a napped finish too. Do not compare suede leather with ordinary leather. Which is mostly obtained from the outer side of the animal skin which is rather rigid. Styling suede jackets for men is very important to make you stand out with a little formality.

Selecting A Perfect Suede Jacket

Selecting the proper kind of suede jacket is very important. The suede bomber jacket provides comfort and leisure. As a result, it is appropriate for less formal occasions, and occasions during the weekend. It could be dressed down with a pair of jeans and sneakers for a casual look. 

On the other hand, a simple brown suede jacket can easily complement or enhance everyday wear as well as semi-formal dressing. It has a dense color and blends well with different shades, thereby it is suitable for most occasions.

Casual Looks

When wearing a suede jacket on informal occasions, one should wear it with clean and plain outfits. A simple combination such as a white T-shirt and jeans. If you want to style your outfit for casual events. Then choose a suede bomber jacket instead of the formal one. Finally, complete the outfit with sneakers or casual boots.

Smart-Casual Styles

Want to level up your game? Suede leather jackets are versatile apparel that are halfway between casual and informal wear. You can pair it with a button-down shirt and chinos. A simple brown suede jacket will go perfectly with this outfit. And for the shoes, you should incorporate loafers or brogues to fit the smart-casual theme perfectly. This outfit is good for dinner dates or any semi-formal events or occasions.

Dressing Up

You can also dress up suede jackets for men for formal occasions. Pick a dark suede leather jacket and wear it with a smart dress shirt and well-fitted dress trousers. Complete the overall appearance with clean shoes. It is sleek, and professional and adds a loud message to anyone in the room that you have arrived and means serious business.

Seasonal Styling

Suede jackets are stylish in particular seasons. Well, it is best to wear these jackets in the fall and spring seasons. It is not extremely cold to requires heavy clothing and covering. Yet not hot enough to make wearing many layers uncomfortable. A brown suede jacket fits perfectly for the autumn as the color scheme of this season is warm and powdery. In spring it is recommended to wear light shades of suede as they give the clothing a fresh look.

Celebrity Inspiration

Look at how style icons such as Keanu Reeves styles his outfits. The Keanu Reeves shearling suede leather jacket is a blend of the trendy suede look. The additional collar of shearling material comes with the benefit of warmth. One can achieve the look inspired by him by wearing dark jeans and a simple shirt for casual occasions. The outcome is rough but at the same time elegant-looking design.

Incorporating Trends

To be in trend try to blend your suede jacket with recent trends that apply in the market. This year, oversized fits paired with earth tones are the go-to fashion trend. It is better to choose oversized suede bomber jackets in warm terracotta shades. It is best worn when matched with slim-fit pants to balance out the silhouette.  For example, scarves and hats are also trendy and add on to the fashion statement.

Layering Techniques

Layering makes it possible to harness the full potential of men’s suede jackets. In the winter, you can wear a suede jacket over a hoodie or a sweater. This keeps you warm, giving an added substance to your outfit. For additional elegance and sophistication, layer a brown suede jacket over the top of a slim-fitting, lighter-colored vest.

Suede Jacket Care

It is necessary to protect your suede jacket to make it look as new and durable for as long as possible. To maintain the nap of your jacket, brush it often, preferably with a suede brush for optimum results. When there are spills, it is recommended that the liquid should be blotted out with a paper towel and then treated with a suede cleaner. Place your jacket where it won’t stick to the walls or other surfaces. And do not expose it to direct sunlight for a long time.

Final Thought

In conclusion, the styling of suede jackets for men can be said as one of the perfect blends of casual and formal clothing. This way, by wearing the corresponding jacket choosing the dress code in proper colors. And adding proper accessories, a range of stunning appearances is possible. Do not forget to take good care of your jacket as it will serve you for many years from now. It doesn’t matter if you like to follow fashion icons, just follow the latest trends. Suede jackets give you the kind of flexibility that you can only dream about. Visit our website Real Leather Garments and get your favorite suede jacket at a reasonable price.

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